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vintage Gibson 1960's 12 string acoustic guitar with case left to me by a friend

vintage Gibson 1960's 12 string acoustic guitar with hard shell case, the finish has some cracking see pictures, not sure of the year or model, this guitar was left to me by a friend that passed away.... more

Acoustic Guitar Cover 4ecustomguitars Elvis Presley Gibson J-200

My Reputation as a Seller Satisfied and thankful customers worldwide! Shipping worldwide for more than 6 years! Description UNIQUE Elvis Presley Gibson J-200, Fits Epiphone and other jumbo copies. Acoustic Guitar Tooled (Sleeve Leather Cover ONLY) Our closest competition makes these for $2500 - $3000 and takes them 8-12 months (we do it in 2-4 weeks) so we are the best and unique company in the world making these at this price range and detail!Premium Leather Carved and Tooled one piece by... more

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