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Lefty? This site is for you. Dedicated to lefty guitars and lefty guitar players. It is well known that many of the best guitarists are left-handed, yet many of the best guitars are difficult to find as left-handed models. Yes, left-handers are said to make more creative musicians than their right-handed counterparts. Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Albert King, Tony Iommi, Kurt Cobain. Not always the fastest, or most technical guitar players, but certainly some of the most genre-defining and original. Hear some of these guitar legends talking about being left-handed.

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Left Handed Guitars For Sale

LEFTY MJT Jazzmaster White Nitro Musikraft Fender Lic. Guitar Left RELIC HSC ‘63

Here's a one of a kind left handed custom built MJT Mary Kaye White Nitro Jazzmaster relic with a Swamp Ash Wildwood guitar body handmade in USA and cut to vintage specs. It was finished in 100% nitro lacquer by Mark Jenny of MJT, and professionally aged with checking. This guitar is also equipped with many genuine Fender parts including 65 reissue cloth wiring pickups, CTS and switch craft electronics with all cloth wiring and paper in oil capacitors. The body features a vintage reissue tail... more

Vintage Lefty 67-69 Fender Stratocaster Telecaster Jaguar Jazzmaster Tuning Keys

This is a vintage set of Left Hand 6 inline F tuners that I purchased from a luthier friend years ago. They were labeled 1969 Stratocaster but will also work with Teles, Jaguars, and Jazzmasters from that time period. The do not have the added shoulder that the Reissues have. These are the real deal with the bushings and screws. The are not bent and are in excellent condition. Dont drill out your valuable neck to fit the reissue keys. This is your ticket.... more

1950's 1960's Fender Jazzmaster pickguard shield original lefty ?

Up for sale is a vintage Fender Jazzmaster pickguard shield. Judging by which side has tape vs the signature manufacturer logo, it seems to be lefty. Due to its nature, can be used either way though. It has been sheared on one portion. That is included (taped). Doesn't affect use. Any questions are appreciated. Will gladly ship international: email me. Thanks for looking!!... more

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