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Playing guitar when you are left handed Today, left-handed guitars are very easy to source, and there is a wealth of information on playing left-handed. This was not always the case of course, and some of the worlds left-handed legends have been forced to improvise with right handed instruments, often developing their own distinctive style in the process.

Left hand bass Left handed bass guitars are more available than ever before, especially when ordered online. This is a comparatively new phenomenon however; for a very long time, left-handed bass players have been limited to relatively few models.

Teaching a left handed child Does a child need to learn on a left handed guitar, or can they learn the basics on a right handed one? Acoustic or electric? What's the best way to learn?

Top five selling left handed guitars reviews We take a look at the best selling lefty guitars and bass guitars - not surprisingly, all are entry level instruments, but the guitars that top the best selling lists might surprise you.

Starting out as a left hand guitarist The 'right' guitar - Lessons for lefties - Learning at home. Is being left handed a disadvantage when learning to play the guitar?