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DILLION Left hand P R S style- with tiny dot . Save $ don't miss out!!

You are bidding a "Made For Dillion USA" solid body Model DR-1500- QTI / ACT In left hand. In a classic 3 tone sunburst with quilt maple top You will NEVER buy a better guitar for the price. I have deducted over $70 off the normal cost because of a silly tiny dot the size of a pin head on the top . See picture 4 No one will be able to see this from 3 feet away. GREAT DEAL!! DON " T PAY YET! If you want to buy a $160 00 Dillion hard shell case at a special price of only $79 00 Let me know before... more

1985 Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue LEFT HANDED with Factory Tremolo and Case

Check US Out By Clicking the About Me Icon! 1985 Gibson ES-335 Lefty Up for auction is a Rare Custom Ordered Left Handed Dot Reissue with Factory installed Gibson Kahler Tremolo and Chrome Hardware. Cherry Finish with some nice subtle figuring on the top, Factory Grover Tuners, White f-hole label, and Dual Humbucking pickups. Previous owner removed the pickguard for easier Tremolo action. The guitar displays some play wear with light finish checking and a small blemish in the arm overhang area.... more

Used! Gibson Memphis ES-335 Dot Plain Semi-Acoustic Guitar Left-Hand Model w / HC

Description ■Description Thank you very much for visiting my listing page. There are aging scratches and dirt, but there is no problem in operation. [State] ◎ neck truss rod: You can adjust the neck, truss rod also has worked. ◎ assembly: No big problem is in control and an output. ◎ fret: without any major dent, there are still 70-80%. [Accessories] ・Hard Case ・Certificate In order to adjust an item after a successful bid, time will be obtained by the time it ships. I am... more

1988 Charvel Jackson Model 3 Left Handed Lefty Guitar Neck Dot Inlay

1988 Made In Japan Charvel Jackson Model 3 Left Handed Lefty Maple Guitar Neck. R Logo. Dot Inlay. Rosewod Fretboard. 22 Frets. Floyd Ready. Neck Condition: Frets have noticeable signs of wear. Minor noticeable divots in them. Frets still have plenty of life left on them. Fretboard is in overall good condition with minor noticeable signs of playwear. Noticeable ding on front top face edge of headstock. 3 noticeable dings on bottom edge of headstock as well. Pointy tip of neck is in great... more

Gibson ES-335 DOT Reissue Left-Handed, Electric Guitar, f8300

Gibson ES-335 DOT Reissue Left-Handed, Electric Guitar Condition Rating : B N: New. A: Used. Nice condition cosmetically, minimal to light cosmetic blemishes only. B: Used. Good condition cosmetically, light to medium cosmetic blemishes and some light aging. C: Used. Fair condition cosmetically, medium to some heavier cosmetic blemishes and aging. D: Used. Quite poor condition cosmetically, has some heavy cosmetic blemishes and aging. J: Junk, heavy with some gnarly cosmetic blemishes and... more

Left Handed and Right Handed Long Neck Banjo with Archtop Tone Ring

These are custom built banjos. This one is an all aluminum in an archtop design but must be custom built. Can add 5th string capo installed for nine frets for $75 00 (Stubbs Long) Contact me so I can send you mp3 files and pictures. All banjos are custom built for your satisfaction. So Contact me about what you want in terms of banjo head, etc. Contact me about time of delivery. These banjos are built as custom orders. Allow two extra weeks for preparation please. If you live outside the USA... more

Gibson ES-335 DOT Reissue Left Handed From Japan (2-28-5)

Item DescriptionHello, I will support your music life from Japan I will do my utmost for the service you satisfy. Gibson ES-335 DOT Reissue Left Handed From Japan (2-28-5) [Manufacturing year]2003 【accessories】Original hard case 【State】Small scratches and scratches are attached It warps, gets up, does not have a twisted neck, it is in a straight state Truss rod OKThe rest of frets is about 80%. Color: Black seriesStatus: B : Problematic in usual useManufacturing year: 2003Option item:... more

Gibson USA ES-335 DOT Reissue Left Handed Lefty From Japan Electric Guitar

Item DescriptionLittle stock Gibson ES-335 for the left [Manufacturing year] 2003 [accessories] Original hard case [State] A small dent There are scratches on it. Warping, neck waking up, there is no twist It is straight. The truss rod Enough for both I can afford. The rest of the frets It is about 80%. By specialist staff It is already adjusted. ShippingDomestic Shipping(United States)Expedited shippingShipping Cost : $130 00International ShippingExpedited International Flat Rate... more

Gibson USA ES-335 DOT Reissue BLK Left Handed ElectricGuitar Free Shipping 2003

Gibson USA ES-335 DOT Reissue BLK Left Handed ElectricGuitar Free Shipping 2003·Condition : Used ·There are small scratches or paint peeling and dent, but not noticeable much, Good condition. ·No problem with the output and electrical system. ·The neck is straight. Play condition is excellent. ·The truss rod works as it should. ·Fret wear : 20-30%. ·Sale with Original Hard Case. We may be able to find for you if the item you are looking for is not on my online shop We will search your... more

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