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Left Handed (lefty) EDWARDS E-EX-105D-L ESP EXPLORER

This guitar is a left-handed (lefty) Edwards ESP Explorer E-EX-105D-L. It is in excellent condition. Please see last picture for specifications.... more

Sago CUSTOM MODEL LH, Explorer type guitar, Made in Japan, Left-handed, m1127

Sago CUSTOM MODEL LH, Explorer type guitar, Made in Japan, Left-handed, m1127 Condition Rating : B N: New. A: Used. Nice condition cosmetically, minimal to light cosmetic blemishes only. B: Used. Good condition cosmetically, light to medium cosmetic blemishes and some light aging. C: Used. Fair condition cosmetically, medium to some heavier cosmetic blemishes and aging. D: Used. Quite poor condition cosmetically, has some heavy cosmetic blemishes and aging. J: Junk, heavy with some gnarly... more

Electric Guitar Left Hand Gibson Explorer 1985

'85 LH Explorer Neck was broken in transit back in '03 or so. I sent it to Gibson, Nashville, to fix. It had an aftermarket trem on it as well. They wanted to take off trem and do the graphite neck repair, both done. Lifetime guarantee on neck repair. I have the certificate. Frets were redone then as well. I believe the pickups are OEM Dirty Fingers but have not pulled them or rang them out to verify. They are pretty hot. Not EMG hot but a GREAT metal tone. Plays fantastic and HATE to get rid... more

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